Control Technology & Consulting

Control Technology & Consulting

We create custom solutions tailored specifically for you in the areas of PLC programming, robot programming, retrofitting, and commissioning of your devices and systems. Fault finding and analysis, consulting, and optimization of various devices and systems are also among our core competencies. Contact us and let us work together to find solutions for your tasks.

Our Services


We take care...

commissioning of your devices and systems
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We develop...

the control of your plants and machines.
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Robot programming

We program...

your robots and ensure increased efficiency and higher performance!
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Our Solutions

Fault Finding & Analysis

We analyze...

and find the causes of errors, bringing your machines, devices, and systems back to operation!
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We support...

you in generating new solutions and provide guidance in implementing new projects.
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Optimization & Development

We improve...

existing processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure higher output with the same effort!
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Commissioning of your devices & systems

Thanks to years of experience in the field of commissioning, we ensure the safe operation of your machinery, devices, and systems and provide secure signal transmission of all components to the PLC through intelligent solutions. We support you in your project - both during initial commissioning and during modifications and retrofits!
Inbetriebnahme und Elektromontage

PLC Programming

With our PLC expertise, we implement your projects for automating various processes, ensuring greater effectiveness and efficiency. We take care of PLC programming, visualization, and implementation for your machines, devices, and systems. As a service provider for PLC programming, we handle both complete projects and individual project phases for you!

Robot Programming

To enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing and testing processes, the use of collaborative and conventional robots is essential. We provide expert advice on your new projects, handle new installations, commissioning, and fault-finding. We integrate robots with machines and production lines, and through smart robot programming, we elevate your production to a new level! 
Roboter Programmierung
Elektrotechnik Beratung


Is your next project coming up? With our extensive expertise in CommissioningPLC programming and Robot programming we offer you competent consulting in these areas. Whether it's a new complete project or upgrades and adaptations to existing projects, we will find the right solution for you!

Fault Finding & Analysis

Are your machines, devices, and systems not running as intended? Often, faults in electronics, mechanics, or software are to blame. Through our fault finding and analysis, we identify the defects and the reasons behind them. With our fault rectification, we bring your machines, devices, and systems back to running condition!
Fehlersuche und Analyse

Optimization & Development

With the constant changes in the economy and the market, it is essential to always stay ahead of the game! We support you in optimizing and further developing your existing processes through Commissioning, PLC programming and Robot programming thus increasing your productivity and cost-effectiveness. This strengthens your position in the market and keeps you at the forefront!

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